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User manual

Trading derivatives is not easy, however we made it very simple for wide range of custumers.

Everything is settled in crypto currencies so far, but you dont need to worry about the exchange rate of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, because your funds normally are stored is stable coins (DAI, USDC or other). Stable coins are linked to the real currencies through the collateral mechanism, mathematical algoritms etc. We reccomend to use DAI coin at the moment, its price mathematically set to be equal to 1 USD. You can read more in the documentation of MakerDAO project.

All you need is too choose the wallet where your cryptofunds will be stored. is a non custodial platform and that's why you need to use a wallet. We currently work with MetaMask wallet, that is trusted by most of the crypto community, but planning to extend range of wallets later.

Once you have a wallet and transfer your crypto funds there you can allow to settle trades on your behalf. After that you are set and ready for trading.

You can choose the derivative contract by the unique ticker. Each ticker has a description of the contract terms on the Exchange page and detailed description in the Derivatives Explorer page.

Every order is delivered instantly to the order book, but when it will be settled you need the blockchain to confirm it. That is why settlement, executions taked some seconds for the final and trustless confirmation.

After you bought a derivative it shown in the waller under "Derivatives" tab. You can see number of contracts that you hold, the ticker, type of the position (long or short) and perform some actions: wraping several position into one portfolio-token (to operate with it as one position), sending tokens to other adress or executing expired position (to recieve your profit or loss).

Under "ERC-20 tokens" tab you see your normal expose of Ethereum network and do pretty much the same actions as any Ethereum wallet. We always ask to sign your transactions with MetaMask, we never tougch your funds or private keys.

If you have any questions of feedback be welcome to drop it to our Telegram group or directly to widget on the website.